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Late Sh. Ram Asra Banwat

Eagle Prakashan was the brainchild of Late Sh. Ram Asra Banwat (R.A. Banwat) S/o Late Sh. Thakur Dass. It was pioneered in the year 1989. His innovative spirit led him to write Joint Entrance Test (JET) guide for Punjab Polytechnics. Thereafter in the year 1993, he launched Progressive Applied Physics -I that he had authored himself. The book was received zealously by students as it ruled all the charts. Seeing the overwhelming response and constant demand of the students, Sh. Banwat ji launched the Applied Physics -II in the same year. These three books become the most sought after books within a short span of time and subsequently Applied Mathematics and Basic Electricity & Electronics-I authored by  Sh. S.S. Sabharwal and Sh. G.L. Marwaha respectively were successfully launched by Eagle Prakashan in the year 1995. Sh. Banwat ji garnered success due to his perseverance, modesty and magnanimity. He deservedly got the support of his friends Sh. V.K. Mehta and Sh. G.L. Marwaha ji who worked selflessly.

The trail that Sh. Banwat ji had blazed was carried forward by Mr. Harish Chander S/o Sh. R.A Banwat ji who hailed from the engineering background. Mr. Harish followed and is still following the ideologies of his father which is why Eagle Prakashan published as many as 125 titles and is heading incessantly.

The beacon, the light house and the pioneer of Eagle Prakashan, Sh. Ram Asra Banwat ji was born in the year 1939. He hailed from a farming background at village Badhera, Distt. Una (H.P.). The ever so consistent on the path of education, he completed his matric from the high school in the same village. In addition to being a good student and remaining in the good books of teachers, he proved to be a gem in sports too. He represented his school at state level in football. He proceeded with his higher education at Hoshiarpur.  He rendered his services as demonstrator, in the same college.

A blend of hard work and devotion to education Sh. Banwat ji joined Mehr Chand Polytechnic college as lecturer (Physics) in the department of Applied Sciences. He put in 36 years of his life to the genuine cause of education and enlightened the youth with his teaching. He cultivated the habit of writing books in the year 1980 and came up with his first book in the year 1982 which proved to be an irresistable asset to his readers.

In the year 1989, he founded his own publications under the name Eagle Prakashan.

Given that he put his heart and soul into working for a cause and enlightening the youth to the path of success.

After the publication of the first five books, there was no looking back and Sh. Banwat ji kept adding feathers to the cap of Eagle Prakashan. This publication emerged as a brand and became the dire need of one and all linked to Polytechnics of entire Northen India. After leading a contented life of action and deed, the accomplished personality, Sh. Banwat ji left for his heavenly abode, where as the path the publication was propelled by him, will always be trodden by Mr. Harish with the same dignity.                                                                       

May God bless their soul in the mighty heaven